Dude, Where’s My Campaign Site?

So, I haven’t talked about it much (except on Facebook) but I am running for the RTD Board of Directors position for my District and to this date, I am running unopposed. Next month, I start circulating petitions for ballot access as soon as both (a) the Colorado Secretary of State approves said petition and (b) the date I’m legally allowed to start circulating petitions (which happens to be the 19th of May, pursuant to C.R.S. 1-4-802(1)(d)(I)).

… Which raises the important question, where is my campaign site and more importantly, why should I have one if I’m running unopposed?

Basically, I don’t want my policy positions to be buried and I want to have a platform to continue to communicate issues about RTD and public transit in Longmont (including issues that involve RTD, such as working with TransFort). I want to have a way to communicate with my (future) constituents and engage people so that we can work together to make RTD better.

And for my fellow techies, unlike this site and veroniquebellamy.fr, though, I’m thinking about writing it in either Laravel or Lumen.