Why I Cannot and Will Not Support Hillary Clinton

I have made no secret of my disgust for the system that backed Hillary Clinton. The system that ignored the will of the voters in plenty of states such as Arizona, California and New York. The system that was so transparently corrupt, we all but knew that it was rigged before Guccifer released those e-mails to WikiLeaks. I have been saying this, screaming this to the Hillary stans in my life. I am shocked that their rasping, mantra-like reply is “she is not Donald Trump”. I hate to admit it, but they are right.

Hillary Clinton is worse for America than Donald Trump could ever aspire to be. Donald Trump talks about deporting all Muslims from America, Hillary has bombed them abroad. I get it though, we have lower expectations for the orange cheeto. Not to mention that, as former lawyer for Wal-Mart, she has literally served as the devil’s advocate.

We are at a precipice and must step back. Supporting Hillary Clinton will only embolden those right-wing Democrats that see the rightward shift in the party. I often wonder how the two parties back in the mid-20th century shifted after the Civil Rights Act. I wonder how racist Democrats moved across the aisle to be embraced by Republicans, putting old grudges aside. The shift happening today is a slow march that is killing us little by little. We are the proverbial frog in the slowly boiling pot.

A friend of mine, who is a Hillary stan, keeps trying to tell me that my support for Jill Stein is a “vote for Trump”. This ignorant claim ignores the fact that liberals like me have been screaming the problems with Hillary from the start. We tried caucusing and rallying for Bernie Sanders. We pointed out the fact that the polls showed that he would do better against Trump than Hillary could ever hope. We did warn them time and time again that this would happen.

It falls upon us to take this one simple step: vote third party. Sure, we do risk a Trump presidency by doing so, but what we gain is more important. We beat back the corporatists and vulture capitalists in the Democratic party. We beat back the Barry Goldwater Democrats who are still quite centre-right. This is more important now than ever, as this crucial step can help save the Democratic party. What is worse, four years of a Trump presidency that would be hotly contested by liberals or eight years of a Clinton presidency as the so-called “left-wing” party moves more right?