We Must Resist

My friends,

I feel I must explain the reasons for my #DemExit, as we are seeing a lot of blame being heaped upon our fellow citizens for the “crime” of voting their conscience and choosing a third party. This blame comes whether or not your state went for Hillary. They believe that we are to blame for Trump. And they are wrong.

Many of us warned of this outcome. I know one Hillary supporter who I’ve told time and time again that her nomination would hand the presidency to Trump and she accused me of parroting propaganda. In fact, as we saw in the Podesta e-mails, Trump was seen by the Hillary camp as a “pied piper” candidate. Hillary’s team urged their contacts in the media to promote Trump, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson, as they felt that these extreme-right candidates would be easier for Hillary to beat than a more moderate, boring Republican like Jeb Bush. And they were wrong.

So, blaming Green Party voters for Trump’s victory is irrational when you consider who was to blame if Trump won the nomination in the first place. However, blaming third party voters is a nifty strategy when you want to reinforce the two-party system and make sure no new voices can rise to power.

It is the same vicious cycle that allows lackluster politicians and the two parties that run them to thrive. The fear response in this cycle is an understandable manipulation of our basic human responses. They are teaching us to not vote third party. To do this, they blame third parties for their own machinations. We saw as Al Gore refused to hear from legislators who tried to bring up voter suppression in 2000. If we want to make our state better, if we want to make our government better, we have only one thing that we are called to do.

We must resist

I am not talking a fake resistance like Keith Olbermann’s show for GQ Magazine titled “The Resistance”. This is where he shows his descent into Glenn Beck-istan, supporting his favourite warmonger. No, we need something more substantive. I am talking protests in the streets resistance. I am talking changing your voter registration from Democrat or Republican to a party that more accurately reflects your values.

This is crucial because the Democratic party has abandoned the left. They chose a warmonger who drummed up support for a war against Russia. What’s worse is the rationale: it was because her e-mails were leaked. They have left us when they refused to stand with whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning. The Democratic Party is no longer the party of the left, it is the party of neoliberalism and centre-right politics. The Democratic Party is where ugly policy ideas get a pretty face.

#DemExit is the moral imperative

We will not get anywhere if we continue to reward bad behaviour. We cannot let the Democratic party get away with nominating more neoliberal candidates. As I see the gubernatorial race start to get legs, I have been checking out the field. I have seen the campaign website for a Democrat that proudly proclaims how he is a centrist. Because that worked so well for Hillary, did it not?

When I was running for the RTD Board, I saw a Democratic party working to support a candidate who was manifestly unfit to serve. A candidate who lied about her record at every chance she got and convinced others to prop up her lies. If they are willing to do this at such a low level, imagine how much worse it gets the higher up the totem pole you go!

With people like Governor Frackenlooper and Judy Lubow using their backward policies to destroy our state, #DemExit is the imperative. I implore every Colorado Democrat to seriously consider a #DemExit. We must use our votes to elect people of conscience to public office and we must think critically about our choices.

Because, as we now know, the Democratic party isn’t thinking critically about their candidates.

In solidarity,

Dr. Véronique Bellamy

My Post-Election Recap

Wow, this was a crazy election we had. A lot of things went down this year, some good and quite a bit bad. I feel a serious need to talk about a number of them, if for no other reason than to process.

Wait, didn’t I run for public office?

Yes, I ran for the RTD Board of Directors and lost. In a three-way race, I got only 20% of the vote. Now, I could blame it on a lot of things. Voter turnout was worse this year than it was last year. In my race alone, only 2/3rds of the people voted that voted in the same race in 2012. Ultimately, I failed and if I seek this office again, I’ll ask for help sooner. I’ll hit the pavement harder to get out the vote.

I know if I worked harder, I would have won. Too many people have told me that they voted for Judy because they actually believed she was pro-FasTracks. However, now is not the time for recrimination. Judy won and we’ll all have to live with the consequences of that.

As for me, I plan to keep my campaign website online. Because Judy removed her campaign website fairly quickly after conning the public, I’m keeping an archived copy of her campaign website online too. Lee Kemp also nuked his campaign website and while I tried to archive his site, it didn’t survive the efforts as well. I paid A Small Orange for a year in advance back in June, but I will be moving my sites sooner given recent outages at ASO. I used to be proud to refer people to A Small Orange but their service has gotten poorer.

The queue of work awaiting me

I have a ton of things to do that I put off once ballots dropped. I am currently working on websites for RCV for Colorado, the Longmont Green Party and a new transit riders’ union. This is in addition to the website designs I’m working on for veroniquebellamy.fr and vero.moe. Next month, I am going to Florida to teach Sunday school classes at Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. Simply put, I have a lot on my plate.

… And to top it off, I’m going to start implementing the strategies in Jeff Sanders’ book, the 5 AM Miracle.

Did I also mention that I’m planning to go vegetarian on the first? Or that I am running for the Green Party’s nomination for Governor in the 2018 election? Yeah, shoot me now.

Frankly, I must be mad doing all this stuff. But 2016 was a disappointing year. Not just because I put my heart and soul into a campaign that died, but because I don’t feel that I did enough this year. I was disqualified from a bariatric surgery programme down in Denver and I never got started with the roller derby league. I wasn’t nearly as productive as I wanted to be.

New years are always a way to recommit yourself to your goals, but year-long goals are near impossible to achieve. It is way too difficult to keep focus for that long! This is why I am adopting Jeff’s quarter system, starting my quarters in February.