The Fake “Resistance” Resists Basic Human Decency

On Fat Shaming, Body Image, Capitalism, and Feminism

So, I had a discussion on Twitter (as I usually do) about communism. Specifically, how the image of communism that those of us educated in the United States have is often distorted. I continued to debunk a lot of Hillary Clinton supporters on their preconceived notions of what communism is. Of course, they trotted out the old bogeymen of the Soviet Union and China but when I pointed out that these were instances of state capitalism and not communism, they couldn’t handle it. Some of them started to call for their friends in order to troll anyone who dared to bring facts to the table. Then, one of them posted this to Twitter:

A tweet from Mikaila029 on Twitter that reads "A true 'communist' would mail some of those extra meals it took to get that double chin to Americans in need."


It is behaviour that I would imagine many of these Hillary supporters would rather associate with Trump than with their candidate. However, considering they chose to resort to fat shaming instead of defending their arguments and having a reasonable, fact-based discussion. And yet, this person who happily and gleefully uses such personal attacks calls herself a “feminist”. I would say Marx was more of a feminist than this woman, who happily uses personal attacks anyone who disagrees with her.

On fat shaming and body image

I’m not going to discuss the hidden meanings that are conveyed when you engage in fat shaming – even against those who disagree with you. There are plenty of authors who have done a much better job writing about this topic and I will defer to their expertise. Hell, one of them wrote an amazing argument about how people fat shaming Chris Christie shows how alone people of size stand. What I will talk about, though, is how fat shaming contributes to a negative body image.

Bariatric surgery is absolutely necessary for many people to obtain a positive body image. Tragically, because of fat shaming, being a person of size is a hard lot in life. It is so bad that people are willing to try all sorts of extreme, insane diets to avoid it. This is also why we have issues like anorexia and bulimia because if you gain weight, you risk the ridicule that most people of size are familiar with. Growing up fat, I had to develop a tough skin and endure a lot of teasing from other children.

The only reliable way to lose weight: surgery

As someone who is actively pursuing bariatric surgery, I know how hard it is for people to lose weight. Last week, I sat in a conference room with over 70 people. Of those 70 people, roughly 50 of them were there in pursuit of bariatric surgery. You see, insurance requires us to attend “classes” that are supposed to teach us how to eat healthily. Never mind that, combined, everyone in that room has likely tried every diet under the sun. Never mind the fact that medical research asserts that bariatric surgery is the most reliable way not only to lose weight but keep it off. Fortunately, my last class was last week and I am moving forward in the process.

I am hoping beyond hope that it works out for me. I intend to do everything I can to lose weight and keep it off. In compliance with my programme, I maintain a strict 1,800 calorie diet. I also do high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercise three times a week.

Capitalism: The enemy of women’s liberation and the real resistance

Capitalism is interested in one thing first and foremost and that is to make money. Quite frankly, there is no money in encouraging people to teach one another with dignity and respect. So, capitalism is more interested in instilling self-doubt and a negative body image. After all, if you have a negative body image, it is easier for big corporations to sell you dubious diet products, cosmetics, and other products. This helps the companies to run more adverts launching attacks on your body image and thus, feeding into the vicious cycle. Fat shaming is such an entrenched trait of our capitalist culture that lots of people engage in it automatically.

So, how do we stop this? How do we resist this terrible fact of our culture? Simple: we fight for communism. We fight tooth and nail against capitalists rewriting history to assert that state capitalism is communism. We fight tooth and nail against the false assertion that capitalism is freedom and communism is authoritarianism. It is crucial to bring this fight out in the open to loudly and often voice our vehement opposition to the evils of capitalism. That is the real resistance, not some fake resistance like the one Hillary’s supporters launched after her loss. It is to resist capitalism and all its symptoms: from fat shaming to demonization of the poor.

I am ready, are you?

Dr. Véronique Bellamy is a polymath. She graduated with a doctorate in computer science from the University of Oxford but is equally well versed in literature, manga, theology and politics.

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