macOS Catalina: Destroyer of My Steam Library

Honestly, it was hard to comprehend how few of the games in my Steam library were 64-bit (and thus, Catalina-compatible). However, upgrading my laptop to Catalina decimated my Steam library down from 154 titles to 33. And I haven’t played them all yet, so even that might be stressing it.

Apple has an annoying habit of killing support for old software

Honestly, this isn’t the first time I’ve taken umbrage with something Apple has done. When Apple removed Classic mode from MacOS X, I got a bit irritated… even though I had never been able to use it, as I switched to Mac when they made the switch to Intel.

In MacOS Lion, I took issue with the fact that Apple removed Rosetta. For those of you unaware, Rosetta was a piece of software that made it possible to run PowerPC-only Mac apps. Universal Binaries are Mac applications that are compiled to work with PowerPC Macs and Intel Macs. This meant that old Mac applications could run on new Intel Macs. The catch is that they had to be compiled to do so. What this update meant for me is I had to play Neverwinter Nights via a Wineskin until Beamdog rereleased Neverwinter Nights.

Now, in MacOS Catalina, they removed support for 32-bit games. This means that nothing using a Wineskin from PortingKit can be run on my computer. It means that most of my visual novels might be dead (but not all… apparently, Ladykiller in a Bind still plays).

I Hate Aspyr.

Now, there are some growing pains. Aspyr has never been that great at maintaining the Mac games they port. Neverwinter Nights was never a Universal Binary because they never ported it. Many Aspyr games have died because Apple moved on and Aspyr wouldn’t. Even now, Aspyr only has plans to update a few of their games.

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