If you want to know what I’m all about, here are some things to consider:

I run this site at a loss. It’s mine.

Nobody pays me to write at vero.moe or any of my other sites.

I own stock in Gravity Interactive and a few other companies.

I bought stock in Gravity Interactive and continue to buy stock in their company because I would like to have some sort of voice (regardless of how small) in the development of Ragnarok Online.

I also have a retirement portfolio with Vanguard and as such, I likely have a rotating portfolio with different investments. I don’t know what all is in the portfolio.

My “endorsements” are things that I like and use. I don’t get any money for them.

What this means that I have never received compensation or have been offered compensation for anything I have recommended on this website.

I do sometimes use affiliate links. I will indicate where I have done so.

The previous statement does not mean that I am not going to try to make some money from the things I promote.

I’m a Green and a communist because I care about human beings.

In the United States, I’m a member of the Green Party. Specifically, I’m an active member of my local (the Longmont Green Party), my state (Green Party of Colorado), and national parties.

In France, I am a member of the Parti communiste français. If they weren’t carrying water for the Democrats, I would be a member of the Communist Party USA as well.

I’m a scientist and do not tolerate bullshit science or logic.


I will, in all likelihood, use “bad” language.


I work for a web development company.


I will write more about things made by nice people.


I do not write sponsored reviews or evaluations.


I hate lists.